Jen Owens is as much a part of SWR as carbon accounting. Jen started to volunteer with the organisation so long ago, she doesn’t remember the exact date (2010 maybe). Every week for these 10 years or so Jen has scoured the internet and news outlets to find all the local, national, and international news and trends related to sustainability, climate change and anything else relevant to SWR.  The newsletters are fantastic, and keep the team and the board up to date, as well as feeding social media content to the Communications Team. But what is really incredible is her commitment. Over the course of her volunteer time with SWR, Jen has completed a bachelors and masters in Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo. Then Jen moved to do her PhD in Soil Science at Lincoln University (Canterbury, New Zealand) Jen did her volunteer job with SWR that whole time… from New Zealand! While she says she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, we all know what a superstar she is and how incredible she will be at whatever she decides to put her energies towards.  Jen also loves basketball, specifically the Raptors, and has been a fan since the team’s inception. She loves a good cup of tea, a good book, a good podcast and pretty much anything outdoors. Jen is now living in Alberta, and she is taking full advantage of the landscape, hiking in the mountains during the weekends. Her nerdiest hobby is just so endearing – fiddling with microcontrollers and sensors, which is a love she acquired during a fun job during her PhD. Jen is all the awesome. She is fun (she calls the photo of her “me with a few colleagues at an organic research farm in Santa Cruz”. He he), she is committed, she is smart, and she is part of the backbone volunteer team that makes SWR tick! THANK YOU Jen for the years of commitment, for keeping us all up to date, and for being part of SWR for all these years.