Program Overview

DriveZero aims to increase the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and related infrastructure (e.g. charging stations) in Waterloo Region.

Recent data shows Canadians are registering more zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) than ever before. Let’s help make Waterloo Region a leader in EV adoption!

In addition to working with Sustainable Waterloo Region members, we also work with community members, municipalities, and EV associations and industry suppliers. We work in collaboration with stakeholders to promote ZEVs and charging infrastructure, as well as sharing resources and learning opportunities on EVs and charger installation support.

At DriveZero we:

  • Provide resources and learning opportunities
  • Attend community events
  • Host test drive events
  • Provide charger installation support (including RFP assistance, providing on-site training/employee orientation, and rebate assistance)

Why DriveZero

Did you know that transportation emissions are the largest contributor to Waterloo Region’s carbon footprint, representing nearly 50% of overall emissions? The majority of these emissions are due to the use of personal vehicles. In response to these alarming trends, SWR developed DriveZero with the firm belief that EV adoption is critical to reducing our carbon footprint.

EVs in Waterloo Region

The good news is that EV adoption has increased dramatically since 2015, rising from just 181 vehicles in 2015 to nearly 2,800 in 2021, and it’s still growing!

EV infrastructure has also grown in recent years There are now almost 200 public charging station ports in the region, while several forward-thinking businesses now provide vehicle charging for their employees. In 2019, DriveZero, the Region of Waterloo, and the regional municipalities collaborated on a successful application to Natural Resources Canada that saw 33 new Level 2 chargers installed in public spaces around the region.

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