Waterloo’s Clean Economy Ecosystem

Waterloo Region has a strong ecosystem of businesses, research labs, and commercialization hubs that provide a strong foundation for the continued growth of the low-carbon, clean economy. This map showcases the 125+ companies, research groups and community organizations based in Waterloo Region that are on the leading edge of clean innovation in buildings, transportation, energy, agriculture, waste, and more.

SWR developed this map in partnership with Waterloo Economic Development Corporation, Waterloo Region Community Energy, and the Region of Waterloo; this map is a testament to  the strength of the region’s support for a prosperous transition to a low-carbon economy.

About SWR

At SWR, our mission is to catalyze transformation to sustainable systems of energy, mobility and buildings to build a cleaner, more diverse economy. 

We support businesses and members of our community to help find the sweet spot where financial and environmental sustainability come together. Our programs focus on organizational sustainability practices and target setting, commuting options, regenerative building practices, community greenhouse gas impacts, and electric vehicle adoption. 

By bringing together key stakeholders, it’s our goal to build a movement toward a shared vision of the future that benefits everyone. We believe that providing clarity in direction and transparency in progress reporting leads to greater individual and collective success for our region.

For more information about the creation of this map see our blog post.