Monthly Archives: April 2021

Borealis is Named our 2021 TD Subsidy Recipient

Borealis Grille & Bar is not only a restaurant that serves locally crafted, natural foods and beverages, it is a leader for sustainability in the local community. As part of The Neighbourhood Group of Companies (NGC), Borealis, like all of their restaurants, is founded on core values that prioritize sustainability, with the goal of reducing […]

In Manufacturing Process Optimization = Sustainability

The business case for sustainability is not always a simple thing to articulate, but in this article featuring one of the amazing SWR network members, Enviro-Stewards, it is clear that but taking a holistic and step wise approach, the manufacturing sector can reap the benefits of taking action to reduce their carbon footprint.  This article […]

Go Green – It’s Good For Business

Green grass

Throughout our 12 years of supporting organizations to become more financially and environmentally sustainable, we have seen numerous examples of how this work manifests as a strong return on investment for the companies we work with.  Over the years you may have heard me talk about the main ways that businesses benefit from being environmentally […]