Volunteer Philosophy

We strongly believe in volunteerism as a meaningful way of gaining work experience, while also developing skills and connections that align with your beliefs and can lead to professional career opportunities. At SWR, volunteers are involved in decision-making across the organization. This means that when volunteers contribute to our organization, they have an impact that extends beyond their particular department and helps guide the long-term direction of SWR.

How We Approach Volunteering

At Sustainable Waterloo Region, we focus on the needs of our volunteers. It’s important to us that each of our volunteers are engaged, working on something they’re passionate about, and enjoying a worthwhile work experience while seeing the tangible impact they’re having on our organization.

Why People Volunteer at Sustainable Waterloo Region

  • To be part of an active community working toward improving the sustainability of Waterloo Region
  • For personal and professional skill development, and opportunities to meet industry professionals
  • For an opportunity to meet new people who share the same passion and commitment towards building a greener future for everyone

Our View

“Volunteers are one of the secrets of the success of Sustainable Waterloo Region. In all areas of our programs and operations, the work is supported by our incredible volunteer team. It is only through the added time and talent that our volunteers contribute that we are able to make transformational change happen. Every volunteer member of our team has meaningful, impactful work that supports their professional development, meets their needs, and enables them to be part of the low carbon, equitable and sustainable future we are building together.”

– Tova Davidson, Executive Director Sustainable Waterloo Region

Our Volunteers’ View

“I was immediately excited to be part of such a forward-thinking initiative. The team dynamics are incredible. Whether volunteer or staff, everyone in our diverse team is allowed to follow their passions, to learn and contribute in a meaningful way. I never cease to be impressed with how willing community members have been to contribute time and resources once they hear about our mission, truly a sign of Waterloo Region’s collaborative nature.”

– Joanna la Fleur Sustainable Waterloo Region Volunteer