About Us


Our SWR overview video gives you a snapshot of what we do as an organization, and where we are going over the next few years.

If you’d like more info, you can download SWR’s 2-page overview.

Download Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Overview.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team, motivated by a shared passion for progress towards sustainability across Waterloo Region. Together we are working to realize our vision for an environmentally and economically resilient community that prioritizes the well-being of current and future generations.

What We Do

Our mission is to foster collaborations that enable local organizations to convert their sustainability interest into action. These organizations participate in our programs to achieve environmental and economic benefits. By building networks, setting a common direction for results, and publicly reporting on progress, we are working to maximize both the individual and collective successes of organizations in Waterloo Region.

To view our Strategic Plan, please visit our Strategic Plan page.

Our Values: What We Believe

Collaboration: We know that a collaborative approach is a powerful means of achieving results, both when working with other team members and when working with others outside the organization. We value a collaborative approach in all contexts.

Credibility: We know that our impact is only as meaningful as our clarity and trustworthiness in reporting it. We hope to inspire others with the credibility of our message, and we value the importance of credibility to ensuring that our impact matters.

Our Collective Potential: We are not willing to sit on the sidelines, waiting or hoping for others to create the kind of community and the kind of world we dream of. Instead, we’re active players in the process, and we value our collective potential for impact toward a more sustainable community.

Results: We value a shared focus on achieving tangible results.

Sustainability: While our individual stories for arriving at this similar passion are diverse, we’re united by the extent to which we value the importance of environmental sustainability in the prosperity of Waterloo Region.

Our Culture: How We Operate

Bullet We’re motivated by a shared passion for progress towards sustainability and it’s this passion that fuels our work ethic.

Bullet We have a clear focus on tangible, measurable results towards our mission, and on ensuring our impact is leveraged.

Bullet We’re extremely transparent. We like to work in an open office space, share what we’re working on, avoid hierarchy, and welcome interested team members to sit-in on the vast majority of our meetings.

Bullet We take the time needed to have many voices give input to decisions. Collaboration isn’t just a buzzword on this team. While we don’t always have consensus, all voices are heard.

Bullet We don’t need to be seen in-person to be valued for our contributions. Team members – staff & volunteers – work from wherever they are at their best.

Bullet While we have high expectations of ourselves and other team members, we have fun, laugh often, and also bring out the best in one another: this is the kind of place where everyone is well-supported.

Bullet We foster an environment that celebrates volunteerism. Volunteers are as core to our team as staff. As such, it’s rare that we differentiate team members based on whether they receive a paycheque.