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Program Overview

Launched in 2009, the Impact Network (IN) is SWR’s biggest program. The IN is a community-driven environmental sustainability program created right here in Waterloo Region, with the goal of supporting and addressing local environmental issues in a way that aligns with accepted international standards. 

For over a decade, the IN (originally known as the Regional Carbon Initiative, then Regional Sustainability Initiative) has helped develop the local green economy by challenging participating organizations to set ambitious but realistic sustainability targets. We encourage a holistic approach to sustainability, with a focus on tackling carbon, waste and water operations as a way of making real, measurable change. We also strive to embed sustainability deeply into the practices and corporate cultures of our member organizations. 

We’re proud of all the program members helping to make Waterloo Region a sustainability innovation leader, thanks to their long-lasting and significant commitments to reducing waste and emissions. Our members include large organizations from a wide range of sectors, such as government, education, manufacturing, tech, finance, retail and nonprofits, ensuring that the impact is felt right across the region!

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Program Support

When your company becomes a member of the Impact Network, you not only join a growing group of fierce climate change warriors, you also become our partner. And like all good partners, we’re in your corner and here to help you succeed!
We offer a variety of support services customized to each member company’s unique needs. These offerings include coaching, help with measurement and reporting, employee engagement and Green Team support, Member Specific Reports showcasing sustainability goal progress, access to learning opportunities, resources and events, and much more. We want your sustainability goals and business goals to be in sync, and we’re committed to making sure your experience is a success on all fronts. Click below to find out more about our software, resources, events and other support services.

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If your company is ready to reduce energy costs, attract and retain enthusiastic and talented team members, and create a stronger environmental brand, contact us to find out more. Let’s work together to grow the local clean economy!

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