Sarah has been an integral part of the SWR team since she came on board over 2 years ago as Marketing Coordinator. Since then, she’s worn many hats, showing her extensive range of talents and expertise. From developing communications tools, writing blogs, graphic design work, and keeping social media accounts lively and engaging, Sarah has been an all around rockstar helping keep the ClimateActionWR, ChargeWR, and the Culture of Sustainability programs lively with her expertise in community-based social marketing. When a staff position opened up on the ClimateActionWR team back in September, she not only joined the team in a key role helping to excel our community’s current Climate Action Plan and developing our long-term Climate Action Strategy, but she also stayed on board in her volunteer position on top of that. Now working in the Sustainability Office at the City of Kitchener, she’s as immersed in the sustainability scene as ever, and we’re thrilled to continue working with her in her volunteer position.  As if all that didn’t keep her busy enough, Sarah has a zest for continued learning, and has recently become a published researcher. In her spare time (it’s hard to believe she has any!), she loves spending time outdoors, checking out local craft brews, cozying up with her cat, and loves a good podcast (and is your go-to for recommendations!). Sarah is always smiling, loves a good joke (even the corny ones), and makes all the time spent with her a fun and usually hilarious experience.  Thank you Sarah for always tackling any idea that comes your way, or that starts with a ‘I’m trying to do this…’ and you respond with ‘I can give it a go!’. You’re a rockstar and we’re so glad to have you as part of the team!