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Canadian Sustainability: Local Responses, Global Impact?

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Later this fall in October, I will be attending the 9th Annual Canadian Business for Social Responsibility Summit in Toronto.  This event will focus on how Canadian business is perceived globally – how do Canadian initiatives impact our bottom line and world beyond our borders?  Given corporate Canada’s global operations, international supply chains, and culturally diverse workforce […]

Adventure and Renewal – On Hiatus July 22 – Aug 22

I’m writing this on a Friday afternoon. Like most days my head is full of ideas & excitement, my heart feels fulfilled, but I am absolutely exhausted. One telling sign was earlier this week – I found myself growing increasingly frustrated when having a hard time understanding a colleague, a routine discussion where in the […]

The Most Important Decision at any Start-Up & A Welcome to Cam Scott!

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Of all decisions we make at Sustainable Waterloo Region, hiring full-time staff is – without a doubt – the most important one. This probably wouldn’t even conjure up much debate amongst local entrepreneurs, and the reason is a no-brainer:  organizations are the people that contribute to them. When you do a good job hiring superstars, […]