About the Program

evolvGREEN is a collaboration between SWR, the Accelerator Centre, the University of Waterloo (UW), and Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) that was inspired by the evolv1 Zero Carbon Building project. evolv1 is Canada’s first net-positive, multi-tenant office building and is the region’s foremost collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs, researchers, and clean economy supporters. evolvGREEN offers a community approach to driving the clean economy by leading changes that will reduce environmental impact and improve our overall well being.


Our Mission

To Inspire Change

In order to innovate, big thinkers need access to big problems, big research, and big data. To implement change, industry needs access to innovative solutions and talent. evolvGREEN provides a space for those players to meet, work, and inspire each other.

To Lead Innovative Research

Leveraging the evolv1 building, and in partnership with UW and WLU, we conduct research that advances sustainability and wellbeing in close collaboration with community, industry, and government partners.

To Accelerate Commercialization

A natural result of the research and collaboration happening at evolvGREEN is the development of new products and services. Entrepreneurs looking to build companies that support a clean economy have access to startup accelerator programming and mentorship through the Accelerator Centre’s specialized clean tech programming.

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evolvGREEN Program Supporters

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