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When Life Gives You Limes…

Many Ontarians are still staying home as world starts to gradually lift lockdown measures and commuters return back on the road. However, there’s a growing concern that car traffic will increase as workplaces open up, resulting in even higher greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. So how can we prevent the automobile from dominating roadways? […]

Faces of SWR – Yvonne Stoll – The Human Connection!

An organization is only as strong as its people. And the people finding those people are therefore extra important. SWR’s amazing HR Manager, Yvonne Stoll helps to make sure we have all the best people for our programs and organization, and that all the measures are in place to support them. Her commitment to SWR […]

Faces of SWR – Jen Owens – Most Likely to Stay on Top of it All

Jen Owens is as much a part of SWR as carbon accounting. Jen started to volunteer with the organisation so long ago, she doesn’t remember the exact date (2010 maybe). Every week for these 10 years or so Jen has scoured the internet and news outlets to find all the local, national, and international news […]

UN Chief says Global Pandemic Recovery Should be Green

On Earth Day, the UN chief Antonio Guterres urged all governments around the world to use the re-booting of the global economy to build a healthy and resilient future for people and the planet.  After acknowledging that Covid-19 is the largest global emergency we have faced since the second world war, Guterres calls the pandemic […]