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Reflections on COP21

The Sustainable Waterloo Region network has some pretty incredible people in it, and that includes the amazing folks on our board of directors. While none of the SWR core team was able to attend COP21, we were represented there by one of our board members, Ian Rowlands. For those of you that may not have […]

When 3 Months Turns to 3 Years: My Journey with ClimateActionWR

Have you ever started something and vastly underestimated how much impact it would eventually have?  Maybe it’s a casual first date that becomes a life partner, a lecture that grows to be a sweeping passion, or a few wistful lines that transform into an autobiography. For me, it has been the journey over the past […]

The Economics of Extreme Weather: Where to Invest in Solutions?

Over the past few years, the global costs of climate change have become increasingly clear. Last month, this reality really hit home for me, quite literally: in each of the two July rainstorms that struck Waterloo Region, different parts of the same tree fell on my house on Cherry St in Kitchener. And I wasn’t […]

The Winter that Never Was

Green grass

As the winter season winds down, you may find yourself questioning if it ever really came in the first place. March 21st will mark the end of what some are calling the winter that never was. There has been a lot of chatter across the country about this unusually warm and variable season, but how does […]

What is Stephen Harper Reading?

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What is Stephen Harper Reading? Every two weeks since April 2007, celebrated Canadian Author Yann Martel (author of the Man Booker Prize winning, ‘Life of Pi’) sends a letter and book to Prime Minister Stephen Harper in an effort to humbly, “make suggestions to his stillness”. On March 30, 2009. Martel sent him a book […]

The World’s Oldest Living Things

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If you had the chance, what would you ask a 9,550 year old spruce tree? I’ve been thinking about this question for a few days and I’m still not sure. If it was 200 years old, I’d ask it what piece of technology has changed the world the most. If it was 2000 years old […]