Connecting Local to Global: Why Municipal Action on Climate Change Matters

It was sometime in the middle of the week while I was sitting in the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland this past November, that I was hit with an overwhelming sense of unease and disappointment. Though I had heard it from many other NGO observers and colleagues previously, it was at that moment that the […]

When 3 Months Turns to 3 Years: My Journey with ClimateActionWR

Have you ever started something and vastly underestimated how much impact it would eventually have?  Maybe it’s a casual first date that becomes a life partner, a lecture that grows to be a sweeping passion, or a few wistful lines that transform into an autobiography. For me, it has been the journey over the past […]

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A Sum Greater than all of its Parts

Forget logic for a minute.  Does 2 + 2 always equal 4, or can it add up to something greater? There is something innately satisfying about being able to quantifiably measure progress.  Success may be defined by a 2% decrease in the unemployment rate, a video that goes viral with 6 million hits, a marathoner […]