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OTF Resilient Communities Grant helps businesses in Waterloo Region become more sustainable

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Waterloo, ON – Sustainable Waterloo Region is rebuilding and recovering from the impacts of COVID-19, thanks to a Resilient Communities Building Fund Grant over 12 months from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, OTF. The OTF grant helped the organization invest in the hiring of a change management specialist and program evaluator to help with virtual program […]

AET Group aims to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions 100% by 2030

[Waterloo, October 7] AET Group has set a 100% greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target by 2030, supported by Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Regional Sustainability Initiative. This target will be their second GHG emission target and represents one of the most ambitious targets ever set within the program! AET’s target is also an absolute GHG reduction […]

WalterFedy goes Beyond Zero Carbon

by Alana Rigby A case study of an impactful project by a member of the Regional Sustainability Initiative WalterFedy is a leading integrated architecture and engineering firm with a history of strong sustainability commitments. They’ve been a member of the Regional Sustainability Initiative since 2011 and have recently launched Beyond Zero Carbon, a campaign that […]

MTE Consultants aims to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions 10% by 2029

MTE Consultants’ Kitchener office has set a 10% greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target by 2029, supported by Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Regional Sustainability Initiative. This target will be the first within a new Pledge Level called Foundational Targets.  MTE’s target is an absolute GHG reduction target and includes emission sources from their facility in Waterloo […]

Borealis is Named our 2021 TD Subsidy Recipient

Borealis Grille & Bar is not only a restaurant that serves locally crafted, natural foods and beverages, it is a leader for sustainability in the local community. As part of The Neighbourhood Group of Companies (NGC), Borealis, like all of their restaurants, is founded on core values that prioritize sustainability, with the goal of reducing […]

Press Release: Cambridge Named ‘Tree City of the World’

Cambridge, Ontario. (March 1st, 2021) – The City of Cambridge has beenrecognized as a Tree City of the World by Tree Canada, The Arbor DayFoundation, and the United Nations for its continued management of thecity’s urban forest. Tree Cities of the World is a program founded by The Arbor DayFoundation and the Food and Agriculture […]

IBM’s 16:1 Advantage by Going Green

I had the privilege of attending the Davos Energy Summit a couple of weeks ago and heard all kinds of global perspectives on the future of energy and the use of energy by countries, communities, and individual businesses.  One of the panel discussions I attended featured an amazing speaker from IBM, Edan Dionne. Edan is […]

Webinar Recap: Talking to Financial Leaders About Sustainability

On Wednesday, May 20th, we had our first Webinar Wednesday of the Spring! We were happy to have Susan Todd from Solstice Sustainability Works Inc. provide attendees information about getting financial leaders on board with sustainability actions and how to talk to leaders about incorporating sustainability into its operations. If you’ve been curious about how […]

Startup Climate Action – COVID-19 Recovery Through a Sustainability Lens

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Put the ‘Better’ in Build Back  There’s undoubtedly one common thought at the forefront of the national consciousness, “when will we get back to normal?”. But this begs the question, what is ‘normal’? And is this ‘normal’ going to be enough for Canada to survive and hopefully thrive in a post-COVID-19 economy? If we have […]

When Life Gives You Limes…

Many Ontarians are still staying home as world starts to gradually lift lockdown measures and commuters return back on the road. However, there’s a growing concern that car traffic will increase as workplaces open up, resulting in even higher greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. So how can we prevent the automobile from dominating roadways? […]