The Story of Retrofitting 20% of the Parking at 144 Park for Electric Vehicle Charging

This story was contributed by Kerry Mueller. Follow Kerry on Twitter @mueller_kerry My desire to drive an electric vehicle while living in a condo at 144 Park St. in Waterloo, ON was what initiated this project. In the process, it was determined that many more condo owners than expected share that desire. My name is Kerry […]

How HP Thrives in a Circular Economy

Last week Frances Edmonds, the Head of Sustainability at HP Canada joined Sustainable Waterloo Region and its members for a conversation over breakfast at the Delta Hotel in Waterloo ON. The primary focus of her discussion was the need to move away from a linear economy – one in which we as consumers ‘take, make, […]

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Small, Mighty and Serious about Sustainability – Being Green at United Way

Walking into Cathy Snyder’s office at the United Way Kitchener & Waterloo Area workplace, I’m greeted with a warm handshake and a purple streak running through her hair. This United Way’s CFO is leaving the world a little bit better than she found it. She’s a firm believer in ‘every little bit helps.’ Being a […]

The Evolution of the RCI

On June 16th 2009, Sustainable Waterloo Region officially launched its flagship program, the Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI). The launch event celebrated the organization’s first three Pledging Partners, which has since grown to a membership of over 60 organizations. In 2015, Veriform was one of three organizations to reach their carbon reduction target, and the first […]

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Environmental Policies – Planning for What’s to Come

On May 3rd, 2016 Sustainable Waterloo Region held a long awaited breakfast event on Environmental Policy Planning at the CIGI Building. Due to winter storms, the event was postponed earlier in February. The event was a combination of short info sessions, followed by the presenters engaging the audience in a panel discussion. The Environmental Policies […]

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Sustainable Manufacturing is NOT an Oxymoron

What do you think would happen if I told a member of our advanced manufacturing sector that they could be 3 times more profitable? That we have a local example of a company making internal changes and making more money? Would they believe me? How could that be possible? Since I joined Sustainable Waterloo Region […]

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A Sum Greater than all of its Parts

Forget logic for a minute.  Does 2 + 2 always equal 4, or can it add up to something greater? There is something innately satisfying about being able to quantifiably measure progress.  Success may be defined by a 2% decrease in the unemployment rate, a video that goes viral with 6 million hits, a marathoner […]

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Zero-Carbon Zucchinis

Today, walking home in the freezing cold February weather, all I could think about was zucchinis. In my 5 minute walk home from work I had passed at least 15 houses with 15 accompanying backyards with 15 snowy lawns. And that’s when it came to me – those lawns could produce a lot of zucchinis. […]

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Why is Community so Important in Creating a Sustainable Future?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” I love Margaret Mead’s famous quote because of its simple truth. I’ve been fortunate in my life to know people who believe in themselves, in good causes, and in the community around […]

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Sustainable Waterloo Increases its Local Impact

Waterloo Region, Canada; April 27, 2009 – Sustainable Waterloo, an organization that is guiding corporations in Waterloo Region towards a more environmentally sustainable future by facilitating collaboration between industry, local government, academia, and NGOs, today reported the release of their Carbon Reduction Options Paper, the formation and progress of their External Working Group, and a […]