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What Makes an Organizational Culture?

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What is an organizational culture? Further, what is this culture of sustainability we speak so much about and all aspire to be a part of here at Sustainable Waterloo Region? To me, it’s an environment that is open, flexible, motivational, and downright inspiring that also provides critical extracurricular opportunities for social interaction, professional development, and […]

A Change of Heart

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When we started discussing the possibility of a Sustainable Waterloo Region team blog a few months ago, I was more than a little sceptical. After having suffered under the weight of maintaining a blog for several months in early 2009 – while under some acute time pressure to lead the team towards launching the Regional Carbon Initiative before the summer of that year – I knew of how a blog can quickly become “that-thing-you-know-you-should-do-but-always-have-something-more-important-on-the-list”. On top of this, I’m keenly aware of the excess of blogs already at all of our fingertips, the reality that this growth is sputtering in lieu of other social media tools, and the simple truth that without relevancy and crisp insight, there is little point to even starting.

But over the past few months, not only have I been convinced (a) that this is a valuable addition to how our team communicates with the community and (b) that this will directly help us achieve our mission, but I’m even more importantly, I’m genuinely excited about being a part of it.


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It’s finally here! I’d like to welcome you to Sustainable Waterloo Region’s most recent contribution to the world of social media – our Team Blog. Having dedicated months to putting together the business plan and getting everything in place along with the incredible and immeasurable help of CuteGecko, to say I’m excited to see this […]

Deloitte and Ernst & Young Sign on as the Newest Members of Sustainable Waterloo’s Regional Carbon Initiative

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Waterloo Region, June 14, 2010 – Sustainable Waterloo, a not-for-profit working to advance the environmental sustainability of organizations across Waterloo Region through collaboration, is pleased to announce two prominent members of the accounting industry – Deloitte and Ernst & Young – as the newest members of the Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI). The RCI facilitates voluntary […]

Sustainable Waterloo Launches the Regional Carbon Initiative

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Waterloo Region, Canada; June 17, 2009 – Sustainable Waterloo is pleased to announce the launch of the Regional Carbon Initiative and its first three Pledging Partner organizations. Sustainable Waterloo is a not-for-profit that guides organizations in Waterloo Region towards a more environmentally sustainable future. To do so, Sustainable Waterloo facilitates collaboration between industry, local government, […]

Sustainable Waterloo Increases its Local Impact

Waterloo Region, Canada; April 27, 2009 – Sustainable Waterloo, an organization that is guiding corporations in Waterloo Region towards a more environmentally sustainable future by facilitating collaboration between industry, local government, academia, and NGOs, today reported the release of their Carbon Reduction Options Paper, the formation and progress of their External Working Group, and a […]