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Top 8 Sustainability Stories at University of Waterloo

I spent a recent -afternoon on University of Waterloo’s campus meeting with Mat Thijssen, UW’s Sustainability Coordinator. He’s a tall, soft-spoken, and articulate man who respects data as much as he does the environment. He strikes me as exactly the type of sustainability professional you’d expect to see at UW. On the heels of the […]

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Why questionnaires are vital to telling sustainability stories

As we start receiving responses back for our 2014 Year-End Questionnaire to our RCI members, I learn to recognize the value generated by these annual questionnaires in helping the RCI communicate your sustainability successes. The RCI recognizes your stories in the Annual Year-End Report, and through other various forms of media, such as social media […]

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The value of peer driven learning

The room a buzz with networking, Sustainable Waterloo Region kicked off our 2014-2015 Regional Carbon Initiative event season on a high note last Thursday with a focus on network connections and organizational green teams. While it is the same Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI) we have grown to know and love, members can expect some notable changes […]

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A Change in Scenery

It’s only been six months since Tova officially started as Executive Director at Sustainable Waterloo Region. And while I’m proud of the work and planning that went into the transition at all levels of the organization, I’m prouder still of how wonderfully Tova has taken the lead of this growing organization at such a critical […]


A Path to Pledging Partnership: Eco-Shift Power

Eco-Shift Power Corp (ESP), a recent Bronze Pledging Partner of the Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI), has announced a 20% GHG reduction commitment. Eco-Shift Power strives to help organisations locally in Waterloo Region and nationally reduce their impact on the environment by taking economically sensible steps to offset their energy consumption.  The main area of energy […]

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The Waterloo Region Ripple Effect

On April 18, 400 people gathered at the Waterloo Inn to discuss sustainability and learn from leaders in the community and each other about what this looks like in practice. It was an opportunity to share, learn, and communicate the importance of sustainability right at home in Waterloo Region where we can tangibly see the […]

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Recognizing a Growing Sustainability Network in Waterloo Region

The Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI) is in its “busy season”. For most organizations such a time represents stress,long hours, and looking forward to the end. Ours is similar in some aspects, but the reason why we’re excitedly looking toward its end is very different. Our “busy season” of RCI member reporting concludes with a room […]

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Premium Services, Energy Audits, and a conversion to Pledging Partner for Crawford and Company

Excitement and anticipation filled the air in Matthew Day’s car on March 1st as the RCI Premium Services team headed to the office of Crawford and Company for a very important meeting. The team, including Matthew Day, Ana Gonzalez and Tyler Plante, spent the past six months working closely with members of Crawford’s GreenShift team, […]

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Reaching a Tipping Point: What 60 Members Mean, and Why it Can Be Replicated

This month, Sustainable Waterloo Region reached a milestone, announcing its 60th member of the Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI). When we launched the RCI in June 2009, 60 members seemed well out of reach with only 3 members in what was still very much just an idea. However, these ambitious and visionary first members – VeriForm […]

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“Building” Sustainability – Local General Contractors Join the RCI

The construction industry has been known for making positive contributions to our lives in various ways; putting up the walls of buildings that support our careers, developing roads that allow us to travel through various walks of life, and constructing the roofs over our head. It makes sense that such a fundamental industry would be […]

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