evolv1 is a green office building located in the David Johnston Research + Technology park in Waterloo, Ontario. The concept of evolv1 was inspired by Sustainable Waterloo Region and is owned and developed by the Cora Group. evolv1 is Canada’s first net-positive energy commercial multi-tenant office building. The building prioritizes sustainability and clean energy production in its building design and operation. evolv1 is meant to motivate, inspire and educate the public and sustainable workplace design.

Solar generation was down a fair amount due to technical issues on an inverter, atmospheric soiling caused by wildfire smoke, particularly during June and July of 2023, on top of lower irradiance levels in July 2023.

Culture of Sustainability

This program started as a research project, in partnership with VERiS, to gather data about engendering a culture of sustainability within office buildings. It was designed for and by the evolv1 community to encourage sustainable habits through the building’s design and social sustainability.


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