Impact Network

SWR’s Impact Network (IN) supports local organizations across Waterloo Region, Oxford, Perth, and Wellington, to integrate sustainability into the core of their operations. With a large varied membership base, each approach is tailored to specific needs. Through our Milestone process, we are able to incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our framework. This allows members to align their goals with the SDGs and attain a just and sustainable, low-carbon future. We work to support members in understanding their impacts, and to set voluntary targets related to greenhouse gas emissions, waste and water impacts, and increasing waste diversion.








Of respondents implemented GHG reduction initiatives


Of respondents implemented employee & community engagement initiatives


Of respondents are working towards a GHG reduction target

12 organizations leading the charge

In the Impact Network, there is a small but mighty group that are ahead of the game in their organizations’ journey to operational sustainability. We call them the Masters Level members.

These 12 organizations all meet at least one eligibility criteria, ranging from being a founding partner of SWR, having set and met a gold target, re-upped a target, and more. We look to this group to see what the next step will be in supporting organizational sustainability, and how to help other members as effectively as possible! They are also a sounding board for program innovations.
Thank you so much to our amazing Masters Level members.

New Members

We are thrilled to share that Brock Solutions, Little Mushroom Catering, Oxford County, Sustainable, The Wooden Boat, Vive Devlopment and Woodstock Hospital joined the Impact Network this year! These diverse members are already taking impactful strides, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve next.

We had a mix of online, offline and hybrid events in 2023. Our Peer to Peer Happy Hour events were so valuable with one member saying, “This is the best event I’ve ever attended”.