SWR Award Winners

These awards are given to those who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to support a more sustainable community. These recipients have provided outstanding support to SWR, our programs, projects, and people.


This award recognizes community-based GHG reduction and social transformation efforts.


Over the past three years, CycleWR members who also sat on the ClimateActionWR Transportation Sector Committee, built a model to support the prioritization of cycling routes that prioritizes the connection of neighbourhoods, key points of interest and equity deserving areas. The model was shared with committees and transportation planners around the region to advocate for cycling infrastructure that serves areas with the highest needs. Congratulations to CycleWR for their work and continued promotion of cycling!



This award recognizes an organization that excelled at promoting Sustainable Commuting options.

Manulife Financial

In November 2023, Manulife hosted an employee wellness event with TravelWise to increase awareness and uptake of TravelWise’s Corporate transit program. Manulife employees took over 8,000 trips on transit in 2023! Manulife also hosted an internal promotion for a new bike and accessories to engage employees on active commuting and offers supportive policies for remote work that help reduce commuter car trips. Congratulations Manulife for making sustainable transportation an easy choice for employees!


This award recognizes the organization that has reduced the most GHG emissions.


While incorporating new health and safety factors such as increased ventilation and filtration to address pandemic issues, WCDSB implemented several initiatives in the past year to reduce their GHG emissions. They retrofitted rooftop and air handling units, radiators, fans, boilers, water heaters and pumps with high efficiency units. They also implemented holiday scheduling for all 250+ portables, upgraded their building automation systems at several schools, and optimized their HVAC scheduling to coordinate more with high and low occupancy time. Congratulations to WCDSB for their proactiveness!



This award recognizes an organization that went above and beyond in their support and participation in 2023.


A good partner is supportive, and builds a better future together, and in 2023 YNCU was an incredible partner! As members they installed EV chargers, participated in Carbon Cleanse, had an active Green Team, and started to track some additional scope 3 emissions such as mail. YNCU also supported the Microforest program, sponsoring and volunteering at plantings across the community. And if that is not enough, they offer e-waste collection for batteries, purchased renewable energy credits through Bullfrog Power to offset corporate office emissions and brought together other credit unions to do the same. They have done all this while also becoming B-Corp certified. It has been a big year.
Congratulations to YNCU! We can’t wait to see what’s next!



This award celebrates the green team that fosters and champions a culture of sustainability across their organization.


For many organizations, the motor that drives sustainability efforts is the green team, and MTE’s is an effective one indeed. They are always eager to learn about new ideas and look closely at reports and data and leverage their own expertise and ours to do more every year. The MTE green team looks for projects that make change now and for years to come. This includes creating a culture of sustainability, engaging their team members in many activities throughout the year, including our Carbon Cleanse! Thank you to MTE for being so green and keen!



This award recognizes an organization that has been a long time part of our network, who is growing further into new initiatives and endeavors that expand their sustainability efforts.

Farm Mutual Re

As a long time member of SWR, Farm Mutual Re approached 2023 with renewed commitment for sustainability. They joined the Microforest Program, being the sponsor, host and volunteer team to put a new microforest on their land in Cambridge. As a member of the Impact Network, they have re-engaged, attending almost all of our Impact Network educational events, with an ambitious green team. Thank you to Farm Mutual Re for having such deep roots, and now growing new shoots with our programs in 2023!



In recognition of an organization whose actions have fostered positive interactions and inclusion within the network.

Home Depot

Home Depot has become an SWR partner in 2023. They supported ClimateActionWR’s electrification event by bringing a wide variety of suppliers of electric industrial landscaping equipment. Their support has also been given to the Microforest program through providing equipment (both donations and rentals) and volunteers. One key project we worked on together was the Anishnabeg Outreach Reconciliation Garden, where they brought volunteers, equipment, trees and even lunch! Thank you to Home Depot for helping us build a better community together!