What is TravelWise

Making sustainable transportation the easy choice

TravelWise is an internationally recognized workplace program available to employers across Waterloo Region. TravelWise aims to encourage employees to take transit, bike, walk and carpool to work instead of driving alone.

As a TravelWise member, your employees gain access to a dedicated staff carpool network, GRT’s Corporate Transit programs, reimbursement for emergency rides home, and promotions.

Does your workplace have a parking issue? Are you looking for programs to support your corporate sustainability initiatives or climate strategy?

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New and Returning TravelWise Members for 2023

TravelWise activities

In 2023, TravelWise rewarded members’ employees with more than $10,000 in promotions through gift cards, GRT Stored Value cards, smart appliances, bike lights and bikes as they chose to commute sustainably in all seasons.

In response to members’ enthusiasm, Bike Month was extended to be Bike Season, running in June and July. Employees of TravelWise workplaces were encouraged to log their trips on GoTravelWise.ca for a chance to win an awesome yellow GRT bike! More than 2,500 trips were logged for a chance to win one of two bikes and the runner-up prize of bike lights, pannier bags and a bell.

October and November 2023 were our Transit Showcase months! More than 200 employees participated by ordering a Corporate Fare card during those months. Fifteen prizes were given out, including $50 EasyGO Stored Value prizes, and $100 EasyGO Stored Value prizes.

TravelWise successfully launched two major initiatives:

The new GRT Corporate Stored Value product, which is exclusive to TravelWise members

In response to feedback from program users and more remote work options, we introduced a new GRT fare product exclusive to TravelWise members – Corporate Stored Value! Like the Corporate Monthly Pass (15% off a monthly pass), Corporate Stored Value saves members 15% on each transit trip.

Now members who occasionally commute to work by transit can enjoy similar savings and benefits from the TravelWise membership.


Exclusive TravelWise member promotions with the Region’s e-bike / e-scooter share program with Neuron Mobility

In 2023, TravelWise members were eligible for a free introductory ride, and Neuron bikes and scooters were showcased at events with TravelWise members. Two employers worked with TravelWise to install e-scooter racks for their employees!

The Region will partner with Neuron Mobility for a second year, with shared e-scooters and e-bikes coming back in April and a plan to expand the service area and station locations.


The future of TravelWise is bright!

The Region and GRT are thankful to the entire SWR team for all the hard work, investment of time and resources, expertise, and commitment shown to employee commuting, climate action, and creating a low carbon future for our community.

Grand River Transit is now bringing the TravelWise program under its family of services.

The Region of Waterloo and Sustainable Waterloo Region have been working together in partnership through a series of contracts to deliver the TravelWise program for the entire life of the program – about 12 years now.

The work of SWR has made the TravelWise program an important component of our community climate actions in the TransformWR strategy.

SWR’s work to recruit, support, and engage TravelWise members has resulted in a
strong program that today serves more than 40 organizations across Waterloo Region.