Members of the Impact Network taking active transportation to an event

Member Stories

Arcadian Projects and Bavarian Window Works recently collaborated on a solar project to reduce Bavarian’s operational costs and carbon footprint. Bavarian’s net metering system generates enough power to offset its annual consumption. The system is projected to provide lifetime carbon savings of 179.3 tonnes of CO2e and lifetime energy savings of 1,195,291kilowatt hours kWh.

At AET’s head office, all heating and
cooling have been transitioned off natural
gas with the installation of a cold climate
heat pump. This transition supports their
commitment to SDG 7, and many other
climate related initiatives.

In 2023, the City of Waterloo launched its
2023-2026 Strategic Plan which places a strong
emphasis on environmental sustainability and
climate action. The City’s Corporate Climate
Action Plan also outlines 61 different actions
to achieve the GHG emission reduction
goal of 50% by 2030. The City of Waterloo
has worked hard to achieve sustainability in
operations, programs and services.

Conrad Grebel University College has
set a 35% greenhouse gas reduction
target by 2030, supported by the Impact
Network. This is Grebel’s first target as a
Pledging Partner, matching the University
of Waterloo’s GHG reduction goal.

Farm Mutual Re’s office building is
LEED® Gold Certified. In 2023, all 236
lbs of produce grown in their onsite
garden was donated to the Cambridge
Food Bank, and in May, volunteers
planted a microforest. Participating in
Waterloo Region’s Adopt-a-Road program,
volunteers clean up a section of Pinebush
Road every spring and fall.

Since 2021, KEI has achieved a 25% increase in
waste diversion through reuse and recycling.
KEI outsources organic waste, achieved their
green goals by turning organic waste into power
and shifted to LED lights. City water usage
reduced by 66% since 2015 and KEI continues
to achieve water reduction targets.

MTE Consultants implemented recycling
streams into their waste diversion.

• 3 full boxes of old or broken PPE
was recycled
• 120 writing instruments were
returned, and e-waste is properly
• They also have an organics collection
• No disposable cups are available

Studio Locale’s commitment to
sustainability is appropriately captured
with their recent B Corp certification
status. Choosing to increase their
reduction pledge to 60% of their
GHG emissions further reinforces their
dedication to social and environmental
responsibility as an organization and in
the delivery of their services.

The Township of Woolwich installed 2 EV
charging stations in the village of St. Jacob’s in
2023 and is working on a Pathway to Net Zero
Feasibility Study for five municipal buildings,
including two arenas, a fire station, community
center, and their administration building!

WRCF has moved to the SDG Idea
Factory, which is a shared space with a
commitment to SDG 17 – Partnership
for Goals. The SDG Idea Factory is an
SWR partner that supports social and
environmental innovators and equitydeserving

Woodstock General Hospital and Stryker
are reducing medical waste. The hospital
saved about $87,000, utilizing 1,390
reprocessed devices. More than 500 lbs of
waste has been diverted!

YNCU is now B Corp certified! They became
an e-waste recycling center for batteries, have
installed EV chargers and purchased enough
RECs through Bullfrog Power to offset their
corporate office emissions. They have also
brought together other credit unions to get
lower-tiered pricing. In 2023, YNCU planted
2025 trees through their different partnerships