Carina is a volunteer on the Business Development team at SWR. From the moment we first met Carina we were inspired by her passion and enthusiasm to join the SWR team. We admire and appreciate her consistent positivity! Carina has taken on the challenge of understanding how we communicate with potential members. We love that she always provides insightful comments and ideas on how we can improve our Business Development! Her passion for sustainability and business makes her a perfect fit for the SWR team. We have also noticed Carina’s dedication to SWR and her determination to help challenge the status quo. We appreciate her constant excitement to work with others who share similar values and beliefs. Outside of SWR, Carina enjoys socializing with people and trying new things. She embraces change and enjoys all that Canada has to offer, even the snow! Carina continues to amaze us with her optimism and dedication to make change, and we are so thankful for everything she brings to the team. We love working with you, Carina!