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How do you move?

From Brad Cundiff of Environmental Defence Residents of Kitchener-Waterloo were on the move this weekend at Sustainable Waterloo’s MovingWR event at Kitchener’s City Hall. The event featured everything from electric cars to an electronic fare box for the new LRT that will shortly begin operating on a 19-kilometre route between the two centres.  But most […]

Event Recap – Exploring Holistic Sustainability with IKEA Canada

On January 25th, 2018 Melissa Mirowski from IKEA shared the ways in which IKEA Canada practices holistic sustainability.  These methods were shared with attendees from all professions in order to inspire and encourage a transition to holistic, sustainable practices within the workplace. To start the presentation, Melissa reminded the audience that the Earth’s resources are […]

Regional Sustainability Initiative Case Study featuring: Waterloo Catholic District School Board

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) has been featured in a Regional Sustainability Initiative case study that highlight the sustainability efforts being made by the board and its teachers and students. WCDSB is a pledging partner, aiming to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 2014 levels. Supporting this target is the presence of energy […]

Faces of SWR – Manpreet Dhaliwal

We are delighted to introduce you to Manpreet Dhaliwal. Manpreet was interested in getting involved with SWR because it was a great opportunity to collaborate in her local community and work with individuals with similar values and beliefs to her. Manpreet enjoys working with volunteers who are as passionate as she is and enjoys seeing the impact […]

City of Kitchener Sustainability Efforts Highlighted in Case Study

  The City of Kitchener has been a municipal leader in environmental planning and stewardship for many years. More recently, the City has joined the Climate Action Waterloo Region collaboration,which collectively aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6% by 2020. Along with this, the City of Kitchener has its own 20% GHG reduction target from 2015. […]

Engaging your Workforce – How to Integrate Sustainability

This morning was well spent listening to Kathryn Cooper share her insight into how organisations can better integrate sustainability into their workforce. She highlighted that a common approach may be for green teams to gain endorsement from upper management, but this may not be fully effective. This is due to change being a difficult step to implement, […]

Faces of SWR – Basak Topcu

Basak started volunteering at SWR when she was new to the region and looking for an opportunity to get involved in local sustainability. After attending an event with her realtor, a series of different events led her to volunteer at SWR, specifically with the TravelWise program. Basak is studying at University of Waterloo doing her Masters of […]