Basak started volunteering at SWR when she was new to the region and looking for an opportunity to get involved in local sustainability. After attending an event with her realtor, a series of different events led her to volunteer at SWR, specifically with the TravelWise program. Basak is studying at University of Waterloo doing her Masters of Sustainability Management. There are many reasons Basak enjoys volunteering at SWR. She loves being around the enthusiastic team with values and passion similar to her own. Team members really implement sustainability into their daily lives, and Basak loves seeing that. It’s also great that she has the opportunity to be involved in the fast-paced environment with lots of changing projects in all of SWR’s programs. When Basak joined as a volunteer she was eager to get started and jumped right into the projects that we threw at her. She helped redesign TravelWise surveys that ultimately helped keep everything ahead of schedule and made the whole process move smoothly. Additional to her hard work, Basak sweetens the pot with Turkish treats iike Baklava and Turkish Delight. Basak really lives sustainability, and can often be found biking to local events and festivals. She is a great conversation partner and can offer intelligent insights into food and water sustainability. We love having Basak on the team because of her great personality and her incredible mind, which is always sharp. Thanks for joining us, Basak!