They are setting records here in Rome. It is around 40 degrees every day, there has not been rain for many days, and there is none in sight. When I was researching sustainable cities in Europe, I saw that Rome was listed. This listing included information about water conservation. From the start water has been a major focus for Rome. With the aqua ducts that were developed for Ancient Rome to the community water spigots (where the water is cool and clean for everyone) all over the city, water is a major player in how this city lives. And now the water source is starting to dry up. It has gotten so bad that there has been talk of rationing. You can see the evidence of this water shortage everywhere and with the heat things are difficult. I have heard people here say that southern Italy could soon be a dessert. And this is being closely linked to climate change. The environmental and social impacts could be significant and we see it each day here in the streets of Rome.