We are delighted to introduce you to Manpreet Dhaliwal. Manpreet was interested in getting involved with SWR because it was a great opportunity to collaborate in her local community and work with individuals with similar values and beliefs to her. Manpreet enjoys working with volunteers who are as passionate as she is and enjoys seeing the impact SWR has on Waterloo Region. Outside of SWR, Manpreet enjoys upcycling projects and hiking adventures with her family. Manpreet has been volunteering with SWR since 2013 and we’ve been thrilled to have her in multiple roles on our team. She is willing to tackle new challenges, take initiative, fill gaps when others are busy, and fits wonderfully into our culture. Manpreet is always asking the right questions to take our work in her area to the next level. During her time at SWR, we have had the opportunity to watch her family grow, with her just welcoming her second daughter in November. Starting with our events team, Manpreet champions many of the logistics for our events. About a year and a half ago she transitioned to our finance team where she is responsible for processing our accounts receivables and accounts payables. At SWR Manpreet has made several contributions to our team. Manpreet revamped our invoicing and payment processes in 2016 to enable us to better maintain electronic records, which means we no longer have to manually write cheques. Recently Manpreet trained one of our co-op students to cover her role while she welcomed her new daughter, providing a great learning opportunity for the student. While she was welcome to take an extended leave from her volunteer role, Manpreet returned to her tasks only two weeks after her daughter’s birth – quite the committed woman! We love having you on the team, Manpreet!