Our Team

Our team is a passionate mix of volunteers, interns, and staff with a huge range of expertise. We are incredibly grateful to have such an enthusiastic and talented group working towards our collective mission. We are a staff team of about ten, and our full team includes up to eighty volunteers every year.

Strategy & Governance

Tova Davidson, Executive Director

Tova leads our organization under the Board of Directors, by developing our strategic direction, supporting team members and is responsible for building key relationships throughout Waterloo region. She brings her experience in public relations and communications to creatively approach sustainability opportunities. Paired with her business background she is primed to collaborate with top organizations in Waterloo Region to drive change locally and provincially.

Having been selected by The Guelph Mercury for Top 40 Under 40, and the recipient of the Mayor’s Award of Excellence, Tova leads by example while inspiring others to do the same.Get in touch with Tova via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Asiyah Choudry
  • Jacob Miller
  • Lauren Peng

Business Division

Lisa Chapman, Business Division Manager

Lisa oversees the day to day operations for SWR, and has been thrilled to be part of the team since 2018. Her business background combined with her training in volunteer management and as an educator, allow our organization to reach its full potential!

Get in touch with Lisa via e-mail.

Programs Division

Aisling Dennett, Programs Division Manager

Aisling oversees SWR’s  programs which include; the Regional Sustainability Initiative, TravelWise, ClimateActionWR, and ChargeWR program teams. She also functions as the Manager of Culture of Sustainability for the evolv1 building.

Get in touch with Ash via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Julia McLeod

Business Development

Elizabeth Wong, Business Development Manager

Elizabeth works with a team of volunteers to increase our membership and connect with organizations who are dedicated to taking measurable and verifiable sustainability action.

Get in touch with our Business Development team via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Juli-Ann Perkins
  • Sarah Aterman


Tanner Currie, ChargeWR Program Manager

Tanner is an enthusiastic EV owner with a lifelong passion for the environment and sustainability. He comes to us with a solid background rooted in tech, focused on software development and manufacturing with an arsenal of business skills, including sales, marketing, finance, and organizational dynamics. 

Maintaining alignment with the rapidly changing and disruptive environment of electric vehicles at this pivotal time in history, and ensuring that Sustainable Waterloo Region remains an active participant in this exciting transformation is a vital focus of the program.

Get in touch with Tanner via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Savonnaé Street


Samantha Tremmel, ClimateActionWR Plan Manager

Samantha facilitates the ClimateActionWR partnership between Sustainable Waterloo Region, Reep Green Solutions and the Region of Waterloo, along with area municipalities, local energy utilities and the community at large. She is responsible for developing relationships among partners, guiding and executing project planning, and managing external communication.

Get in touch with Samantha via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Amanda Smith
  • Andreas Mertes
  • Mara Mackay
  • Megan Gereghty
  • Sandra Biskupovic 


Liz Dirksen, Communications Manager

Liz leads the volunteer communications team to guide the creation and execution of our marketing and communications strategy. Her role combines both her experience with communications and her passion for sustainability and she is pivotal in our mission to engage the community and raise our profile in Waterloo region.

Get in touch with Liz via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Alana Rigby
  • Clarissa Charles
  • Elmira Persaud
  • Jen Owens
  • Jenna Eaton
  • Olivia Paxton-Beesley
  • Sarah Fries
  • Sefora Catana


Katie HillEvents Coordinator

Katie leads the planning and execution of events across our programs to educate, support and celebrate our members and the impact of the programs. Katie brings a wealth of experience from her background in the not for profit sector. She is currently pursuing a certificate in Sustainable Local Food.


Ashton Romany, Finance Manager

Ashton provides oversight and guidance for our annual budget and supports all of our financial reporting. This includes reporting on fiscal performance, budget preparation and presentation for board approval, and preparation of the annual financial report for board members and external stakeholders.

Get in touch with Ashton via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Hannah Dubber
  • Julie Vuong

Fund Development

Matthew Lucid Fund Development Manager

Matthew connects our organization to invaluable funding programs and helps coordinate our sponsorship program. He also oversees funder recognition and requirement fulfillment.

Get in touch with our Fund Development team via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Sonja Teichert

Human Resources

Yvonne Stoll, Human Resources Manager

Yvonne provides general Human Resources support and guidance to our team of staff and volunteers. As a CHRP professional, she brings her passion for team building and organizational excellence to us. Over her career, Yvonne has developed exceptional process, implementation and management best practices in a variety of fields including advanced manufacturing and technology.

Get in touch with Yvonne via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Taginder Clair
  • Payton Rubie


James Crowther, IT Manager

James is responsible for installing and maintaining our computer systems and related software. He provides team support and keeps us connected. 

Get in touch with James via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Laura Qualey


Michael Black, Website Manager

Michael oversees the functionality of our website and MemberLink platform. He evaluates and manages website performance, facilitates hosting and server management, and develops, maintains and updates website content. 

Get in touch with Michael via e-mail.

Regional Sustainability Initiative

Danielle Avila, Regional Sustainability Initiative Program Manager

Danielle works closely with members in our flagship program to set ambitious and realistic sustainability targets in the areas of greenhouse gas emission reductions, waste diversion and water consumption reductions.  

Get in touch with Danielle via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Andreas Mertes
  • Manpreet Dhaliwal
  • Tasha-Leigh Gauthier
  • Nicholas Cloet
  • Patricia Huynh
  • Megan McKay
  • Anna Fluder
  • Laura Jonson
  • Jen Owens


Katie Wall, TravelWise Manager

Katie is currently on Maternity Leave until April 2021.

Team Members

  • Allan Taylor
  • Arcy Canumay
  • Natalie Wennyk