Team Members

Our team is a passionate mix of volunteers, interns, and staff with a huge range of expertise. We are incredibly grateful to have such an enthusiastic and talented group working towards our collective mission. We are a staff team of about ten, and our full team includes up to eighty volunteers every year.

Strategy & Governance

Tova Davidson, Executive Director

In her role as Executive Director, Tova Davidson helps develop strategic direction for SWR, manages the team, and builds key relationships throughout Waterloo region.

She brings her experience in public relations and communications to creatively approach sustainability opportunities. Paired with her business background as the former Vice President of The Letter M Marketing, she is primed to collaborate with top organizations in Waterloo Region to drive change locally and provincially. Having been selected by The Guelph Mercury for Top 40 Under 40, and the recipient of the Mayor’s Award of Excellence, Tova has demonstrated leadership in the community, and continues to lead by example while inspiring others to do the same.

Get in touch with Tova via e-mail.

Business Division

Lisa Chapman, Business Division Manager

Lisa is currently on Maternity Leave until September 2020.

Danielle Avila, Operations Manager

Danielle oversees our organization’s internal operations. She is responsible for working with our Events, Finance, Fund Development, Human Resources, and IT teams to ensure consistency in day to day operations.

Get in touch with Danielle via e-mail.


Programs Division

Aisling Dennett, Programs Division Manager

Aisling oversees Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Programs. She is responsible for working with the Regional Sustainability Initiative, TravelWise, ClimateActionWR, and ChargeWR program teams to ensure their continued success. She also functions as the Manager of Culture of Sustainability for the evolv1 building, a role created from the collaboration between SWR and an academic research team from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. As SWR’s representative on the research team, she will be working with them to develop a Cultural Sustainability Strategy for the evolv1 building.

Team Members

  • Armen Poladian

Business Development

Liz Wong

Elizabeth Wong, Business Development Manager

Elizabeth works with a team of volunteers to increase our membership with organizations who are dedicated to taking measurable and verifiable sustainability action.

Get in touch with our Business Development team via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Carina Biacchi
  • Flavia Fontana Giusti
  • Mariah Smith


Samantha Tremmel, Interim ClimateActionWR Plan Manager

Samantha facilitates the ClimateActionWR partnership between Sustainable Waterloo Region, Reep Green Solutions and the Region of Waterloo, along with area municipalities, local energy utilities and the community at large. She is responsible for developing relationships among partners, guiding and executing project planning, and managing external communication.

Get in touch with Samantha via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Isabel Diavolitsis


Simone Hacikyan, Communications Manager

Simone leads the volunteer communications team to guide the creation and execution of the marketing and PR strategy for SWR. She puts her experience with both communications and project management together with a passion for sustainability to engage the community and raise the profile of SWR in Waterloo region.

This team collaborates with other functional areas in the organization with added support in media relations and community relations.

Get in touch with Simone via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Sarah Fries
  • Fani Hsieh
  • Kelly McMath
  • Olivia Paxton-Beesley
  • Elmira Persaud
  • Silvia Yaguchi


The events team leads the planning and execution of events across our programs and to celebrate the impact of the network.

Team Members

  • Miranda Burton
  • Saliha Haider



Patrick Kelly, Finance Manager

Patrick provides leadership and oversight of the annual budget and financial reporting for Sustainable Waterloo Region. Responsibilities include monthly/quarterly reporting on fiscal performance, budget preparation and presentation for board approval, and preparation of the annual financial report for board members and external stakeholders.

Get in touch with Patrick via e-mail.

Team Members

  • Hannah Dubber
  • Redmond Naval
  • Julie Vuong

Fund Development

We are hiring!  

Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page for more details on this position.

Team Members

  • Cindy Luu

Human Resources

Yvonne Stoll, Human Resource Manager

Yvonne provides general Human Resources support and guidance to our team of staff and volunteers. She has recently received her CHRP designation and brings a passion for team building and organizational excellence to SWR. Over her career, Yvonne has developed exceptional process, implementation and management best practices in a variety of fields including advanced manufacturing and tech.

Get in touch with Yvonne via e-mail.

Regional Sustainability Initiative

Team Members

  • Manpreet Dhaliwal
  • Nicholas Cloet
  • Anna Fluder
  • Tasha-Leigh Gauthier
  • Patricia Huynh
  • Redmond Naval
  • Jen Owens


Katie Wall

Katie Wall, TravelWise Manager

Katie works closely with TravelWise members to make sustainable transportation options more accessible to employees. Her expertise in program and project management, paired with her passion for sustainability result in outstanding service and support for this program’s members. Katie has completed a Masters of Environment and Sustainability and has worked with both not for profit and public-sector agencies to create and implement sustainability action plans.

Get in touch with Katie via email.

Team Members

  • Miranda Burton
  • Basak Topcu


John Rockefeller John Rockefeller, Web Manager

John works closely with the other teams at Sustainable Waterloo Region to ensure accurate, up-to-date information is available on the web. His focus is on integrating SWR’s web properties into many of the projects going on at any given time and empowering people on those teams to fully utilize the web as a way to engage with the world on important sustainability issues.

Get in touch with John via email.

Team Members

  • Lachlan Mason
  • Marianne Windrow