Member Recognition

AET New Target Update

AET has set a 100% absolute greenhouse gas reduction target by 2030. This represents one of the most ambitious targets ever set within the program! They have chosen to include optional Scope 3 emissions sources to include in this target, like water, waste and all business-related travel. AET is also working towards a goal of 90% Waste Diversion and 30% Water Impact Reduction. AET continues to showcase that sustainability and climate action is deeply ingrained in their business.

EY Updated Member Goals

We’re excited to celebrate EY’s new sustainability goal commitments! EY has set their sights for achieving net zero emissions by 2025 in Waterloo Region, and globally, have reached carbon negative status. To tie into their net zero goal, they will also be exploring opportunities to track and monitor employee commute data to measure that impact. Targeting the new world of at-home and in-office working, they have also set a goal to improve waste reduction and recycling efficiencies in the office and for employees working from home. Rounding off the new goals, EY will be getting involved with their community by committing to 200 hours a year to help with local sustainability projects and events.

Enviro-stewards Blue Roof Installation

In 2021, Enviro-Stewards took their commitment to sustainability to new heights! The first Affordable Smart Blue Roof (ASBR) was installed on the roof of Enviro-Stewards’ head office in Elmira in June 2021. This new form of green infrastructure helps to collect storm water through a pond system that temporarily stores and gradually releases the water, offering a way to conserve water and prevent water related damage. This new installation helps to keep the building cooler during warm weather, water is also treated and stored in a tank for water reuse in the toilets. The ASBR project highlights Enviro-Stewards’ holistic approach to cost-effective and practical solutions to environmental challenges.

City of Cambridge Named ‘Tree City of the World’

In 2021, the City of Cambridge was recognized as the Tree City of the World, by Tree Canada. They have committed to increasing their canopy coverage to 30%, and will be planting thousands of trees over the next 20 years! The City recognizes that in addition to the many health benefits, trees will also add to property values, rainwater retention, cooling of the city which will increase energy efficiency, increase carbon capture, which ultimately will provide $3-$12 million every year in ecosystem services to Cambridge.

BSIA and UW have both signed up to be signatories of the Race to Zero initiative

Joining hundreds of universities and colleges around the world, Balsillie International School of Affairs and the University of Waterloo have both signed on Race To Zero. By making this commitment, the institutions agree to reach net zero GHGs by 2050, with an interim target of a 50% reduction by 2030. These targets are based on the global efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C, as recommended at the COP26 conference in November 2021. As one of the largest employers in Waterloo Region, the University of Waterloo makes a real impact locally and sets an example for other organizations. Balsillie School of International Affaris is a recognized leader in research and education related to sustainable public policy and governance. Together with over a thousand peer institutions, these schools are sure to make an impact locally and globally.

EY achieved carbon negative status

In October 2021, EY announced that they have achieved a carbon negative status globally. This means that, through a combination of emission reductions and a large portfolio of carbon offsets, the professional services giant removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it emits from its operations. EY is the first of the Big Four accounting firms to reach this milestone, though all publicly have committed to a Net Zero target by 2030 or sooner. Locally, EY is a member of SWR and has pledged Net Zero emissions by 2025. We are so excited to support them in this journey.