Impact Network

The Impact Network works with local organizations across Waterloo Region to help support the integration of sustainability into the core of organizations. With a large varying membership base, each approach is different and tailored to your specific needs. Our milestone process offers a guided experience on the steps to help inspire action and support transformation. We work to support members in understanding their impacts, and work with them to set voluntary targets related to greenhouse gas emissions, waste and water impacts, and helping to increase waste diversion.


of respondents reported a decrease in work from home since 2020. This is still an increase since pre-pandemic, and those members with high work from home rates have a marked decrease in emissions from commuting


implemented projects last year to increase sustainability


of respondents have an active Green Team

It pays to be sustainable! Two thirds of members who tracked this found that their sustainability projects had a positive financial impact.

Increase In Membership

During 2021, we saw many organizations across Waterloo Region take the steps to commit to sustainability. In 2021, we welcomed 12 new members, with a net 7 increase in our membership base – what an incredible commitment from our local community! We welcomed Activa, Balsillie School of International Affairs, Bavarian Windows, Building Knowledge Canada, CHANGE Lifestyle & Apparel, Conrad Grebel, Henry Walser Funeral Home, HIP Developments, IMS, MEDA, Pfennings Organic Farm and Pretium Engineering. Thank you all for your commitment to a sustainable future! We are thrilled to have you all as part of our network and working towards an equitable, prosperous, resilient low carbon future!

Carbon Cleanse 2021

The 7th Annual Carbon Cleanse was completely remote, with employees of member organizations completing challenges from home often with friends, family and pets alongside! Four weeks of challenges focused on improving sustainability awareness in five themes: Culture of Sustainability, Commuting Energy, Water, and Waste.

Low Impact meals

Employees learned that eating less meat can cut their water footprint dramatically. Participants cooked up a total of 41 meatless meals! MTE Consultants even created a collaborative “MTEats” uncooked/raw meals recipe book.

Water Week

Water Week saw the most engagement. 23 employees gave up paper towel usage a week! It was amazing to see the reusable alternatives used, conserving trees and reducing water pollution.

Travel Week

Competition stepped up for commuting week. Diva International implemented walking meetings, and 2 employees walked 150,000 steps in 2 weeks! The GSP team cycled a cumulative 150 km in one week, exceeding their target of riding the 66 km distance between their Kitchener and Hamilton offices!

Energy Week

During Energy week, EY and Quarry employees both dimmed the lights for Earth Hour. AET and Quarry employees turned down their thermostat and wore ugly/ warm sweaters. In the documentary screening challenge, members shared facts they learned and rated their favourite podcasts and documentaries. Members watched and listened to a combined total of 31 documentaries or podcasts, with Diva International employees contributing 15 of them.

We are so proud of what members accomplished, and of our winners of 2021 Carbon Cleanse:

1st place: MTE Consultants

2nd place: Diva International

3rd place: AET Group Inc.