The 21st century. A time where sustainability is of utmost importance and focus as climate change is rampant within all societies.

Innovation Within SWR

Innovation is one of the words to describe SWR throughout 2021. Innovation allows for new opportunities and development both internally and externally. One of these opportunities would be the expansion of SWR’s reach to include regions beyond Waterloo Region! Sustainability is an important facet in the 21st century, it is now more important than ever to embed it within your organization. Expansion allows for further sustainability opportunities with the Impact Network.

The Impact Network has improved significantly over the past year with more and more members reaching out to SWR to join. The pandemic has definitely not slowed things down as companies are shifting their mindsets to becoming more sustainable and enacting change through our programs and resources. Speaking of resources, the impact network has improved in regards to our Carbon Accounting software, opting for a much smoother experience for members.

SWR is committed to keeping this momentum going, by onboarding new members, developing stronger connections both internally and externally, as well as providing new and exciting opportunities for our members.