SWR Awards

These awards are given to those who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to support a more sustainable community. These recipients have provided outstanding support to Sustainable Waterloo Region, our programs, projects, and people.

SWR Champion of the Year

Bruce Taylor, Enviro-stewards

A single person who has been highly involved and supportive of sustainability with SWR and in their organization in 2020. Not specific to any one program and preferably to multiple programs/projects.

Bruce has been a forward thinking and engaged member since joining SWR and the Impact Network. Bruce has been an advocate for sustainability by implementing numerous strategies within his own organization such as the installation of a new blue roof! He has been extremely keen and engaged within the Impact Network such as hosting the “Pathway to Net Zero” event. The level of skill and expertise that Bruce provides to SWR, his clients and the community is unparalleled.

We would like to thank Bruce for his forward thinking in the space of sustainability, creating constructive and equitable change for residents and clients.

Partner of the Year

Studio Locale

An organization that went above and beyond in their support and participation in 2020. This organization is a key partner to SWR in the work we have done in one or many programs/projects.

Studio Locale has been a partner with SWR for 5 years now. Their dedication to graphic design and sustainability is unparalleled within our community. Their support and work with developing the Year-end Report for a multitude of years allows SWR to be as great as it can be. Without them we wouldn’t be able to communicate our information in an interesting way!

The partnership is stronger than ever, and there is no other organization that we would rather work with in achieving a sustainable future.

Best Partnership

Sector Map Partners (Waterloo EDC, Waterloo Community Energy, Region of Waterloo

In 2021 the first Waterloo Region Clean Economy Ecosystem map was created. This would not have been possible without each of the partners in this great initiative. The map is both a celebration of the capacity that exists in our region for a strong clean economy, and also as a tool for demonstrating the growth potential for a prosperous future. Our thanks to each organization for their support and efforts throughout the process!

Sustainability Breakthrough

Microforest Partners (EY, Energy+, WRDSB, AGES Foundation, Greenway Chaplin, City of Cambridge, Grand River Conservation Authority)

The microforest pilot project could not have been seen through with such success if it weren’t for the efforts of each partner in this collaboration. Throughout the project the energy was high and each barrier that we faced was met by a partner maximizing their resources to ensure a strong outcome. Congratulations to each of the partners on this project for such a successful pilot!

Sustainable Commuting

City of Kitchener

This award recognizes the member who has implemented sustainable commuting within their organization.

On December 14, 2020 Kitchener City Council approved the downtown cycling grid, connecting the downtown core to adjacent neighbourhoods and regional cycling arteries. Public consultation showed a strong desire for better-connected cycling options downtown and for more people-friendly transportation options. On October 27, 2021 the City of Kitchener completed and launched the initial phase (on Joseph Street) of the Downtown Kitchener Cycling Grid.

By making it safer to bike in Downtown Kitchener, the City has enabled people to have a sustainable and safe commuting option. They are taking the lead in transforming the way people move around downtown paving a path to more trips taken using active transportation.

Rookie of the Year

Conrad Grebel

This award recognizes the most active and accomplished new member of the Regional Sustainability Initiative.

Conrad Grebel has been an incredibly forward thinking and ambitious member since joining us in 2021! They have taken the steps to understand their impacts, worked on identifying key projects to reduce them, and are now working towards finalizing their first greenhouse gas reduction target! They quickly formed their Green Team and ensured there was a great mix of voices, to ensure diverse approaches to develop sustainability goals and initiatives. Their continued dedication to student involvement, and desire to make a difference in their community has been incredibly inspiring to be part of, and we are beyond excited to see what is in store for them in the years to come.