The Township of Wilmot

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The governing body for the Township of Wilmot, within the Region of Waterloo, with a population of approximately 21,000 residents.

Business Type: Government - Municipal

Reduction Commitment:

25% GHG reduction commitment from 2012 by 2022 (absolute)


Emissions: The Township of Wilmot began tracking their GHG emissions in 2012. The graph below displays their emissions data thus far.

Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects

Lighting Retrofit: Completed LED lighting retrofits for 32 pot lights at the WRC community centre. The more efficient bulbs now use only 10/watts per bulb as compared to 60 watts.

Pool Pump Controller Replacement: Replaced the pool pump controller at the Wilmot Recreation Complex on a pump that runs 24/7. This has resulted in a decrease in the turnover of pool water and less hydro used. The ROI is approximately 1 year on the project with an initial cost of $10,000.

Ice Resurfacer Upgrade: Switched to an electric unit from a propane unit, decreasing emissions to zero.

2015 Carbon Cleanse: The Township of Wilmot was an enthusiastic and active participant in the 30-day carbon cleanse challenge, engaging employees with activities based on heating, electricity, waste and commuting.


Sustainability Culture & Stories

The Township of Wilmot’s corporate Strategic Plan identified 4 main goal areas. One of these goals is to protect our natural environment. The township believes that establishment of sustainable practices in their operations will assist the Township in fulfilling the goals established by Council, staff and the community as a whole.

The Township established a sustainability committee late in 2015. This committee is a cross-functional team of staff with the mission to move existing sustainability initiatives forward for the Corporation, while identifying new opportunities to cost effectively protect our natural environment.

The Township also participated on an inter-municipal working group that reviewed the potential implementation of LED street lights across the municipality. A concrete plan to retrofit all existing street lights has not yet been established, but the wheels are in motion. (not public, pending budget approval Feb 2016).

As of April 2015, The Township established an Energy Demand Conservation Management Plan. Through this plan, the Township will strive to continually reduce their total energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs)


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