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St. Paul’s University College offers residence, academic courses and learning opportunities to students at the University of Waterloo. We are affiliated with the University of Waterloo and are located on its main campus. St. Paul’s purpose is to support the University of Waterloo community by providing a unique learning environment that educates social innovators to shape a just and humane world.

Business Type: Education

Reduction Commitment:

40% GHG reduction commitment from 2014 (intensity/square footage)


Emissions: St. Paul’s began tracking their GHG emissions in 2014. The graph below displays their emissions data thus far.

Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects

Sustainability Culture:

St. Paul’s Green Team is a student led and operated program and mentored by St. Paul’s staff that began in January (2013) with 6 volunteers and has now grown to approximately 20 members (as of September 2013). The Green Team has launched a successful sustainability awareness campaign revolving around educational videos available for free online (e.g. Ted Talks). Topics covered in the past couple of months include water consumption and waste management, among others. St. Paul’s Green Team has held several successful events (e.g. Water Week aimed at reducing water consumption doing key things like encouraging students to not use a food tray).


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