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RJC is an engineering consulting firm specializing in structural engineering, building science, and building restoration. With a network of offices in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Kitchener, Kingston and Toronto, clients benefit from convenient access to RJC’s top professionals in every centre, and the combined resources of a leading national organization.  RJC mobilizes the expertise that exists throughout the company and applies it to projects around the world.

Business Type: Consulting

Reduction Commitment:

Observing Organization in Milestone 3


Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects

  • RJC has established a baseline footprint and engaged the staff and management to reach towards their goals in reducing that footprint.
  • Aside from greening their own operations, RJC has over 100 LEED Accredited Professionals within their organization, and they utilize their knowledge to help other organizations improve their sustainability through upgrades to building performance and design of highly sustainable buildings.

Sustainability Culture at Read Jones Christoffersen: 

RJC has green teams in every office, and sustainability is kept in mind when any decisions are made with regards to material and equipment supply and office relocation. RJC is actively attempting to reduce their overall footprint by an additional 5% each year.

Sustainability Goals: 

  1. For the company as a whole, RJC intends to reduce their overall carbon footprint by 100% by the year 2030

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