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Enviro-Stewards Inc. is an innovative global company, which helps advice businesses on conserving their resources and address their environmental liabilities.

Business Type: Environment / Energy Services

Reduction Commitment:

80% GHG reduction commitment from 2008 (intensity/employee count)


Emissions: Enviro-Stewards began tracking their GHG emission in 2008. The graphs below displays their emission data thus far.

Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects

Sustainability Culture:

Enviro-Stewards’ mission is to assist our clients: increase their profits, sustain the environment and compellingly benefit society.  All of our strategic planning is informed by this mission.

Sustainability Goals:

Enviro-Stewards is planning to avoid 500 tonnes of GHG emissions for every tonne of GHG generated by their operations.  To accomplish this they will reduce their emissions per employee by 80% and help their clients avoid at least 20,000 tonnes of GHG emissions a year.

In 2015 Enviro-Stewards will be doubling their heated office space. This will adjust their focus to ensure responsibly sourced materials are installed during construction and that efficient renewable sources of energy are explored for possible implementation.

“Our vision is that the regional business community work towards fostering practices that are sustainable environmentally, economically and socially.”



Best for the World Corporations (2017)

UN Global Compact Canada Sustainable Development Goals Award (2017)

Clean 50 Top 20 Projects – Southbrook Vineyard and Enviro-Stewards (2017)

Clean 50 Top Project of the Year – Campbell Company of Canada, Enviro-Stewards and Provision Coalition (2017)

Best for the World Overall (2016): Enviro-Stewards Inc was honoured with a Best for the World Overall achievement after scoring in the top percentiles across a majority of the B Lab assessment categories.

National Clean50 Sustainability Award (2016): Enviro-Stewards were recipients of this award for developing a Food Waste Prevention toolkit for Provision Coalition.

Best for the World Award (2015): Was recognized as an honoree and earned an overall score in the top 10% of all certified B Corps on the Impact assessment.

Best for the World Award (2014): Enviro-Stewards was recognized for creating ‘a positive overall social and environmental impact’ by the non-profit B Lab.

John de Gonzague Memorial Pollution Prevention Visionary Award: This is the highest award in this field in Canada and was awarded to Enviro-Stewards for their hard work helping companies provide safe drinking water and preventing deforestation in South Sudan with locally constructed drinking water purification systems.

Tim Hortons’ Fruition Fruit & Fills (2014): working with Tim Hortons’ Enviro-Stewards was recognized as one of the top 5 Sustainability Projects in Canada.


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