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Enviro Digital Printing is an environmentally friendly business striving to provide its customers with the best possible printing solutions, while minimizing harmful effects to the environment. Every order is printed on paper, from FSC approved mills, manufactured to a set of standards and forest management practices. Among the benefits offered by this paper is the knowledge that no chlorine was used in its production and that all recycled paper used is unbleached, or bleached without chlorine products. This business is building a brand that believes we ought to put more back into the environment than we take from it.

Business Type: Manufacturing

Reduction Commitment:

Observing Organization in Milestone 2


Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects

  • Enviro Digital Printing converted its heating system from electric to gas, thereby eliminating the need for secondary heat sources such as portable heaters. Natural gas also burns very cleanly so it does not add to carbon emissions greatly.
  • Enviro Digital Printing downsized its transportation usage from two vehicles to one vehicle, a reduction of 50%.
  • Enviro Digital is continuously teaching its customers about the benefits of using FSC approved and recycled products. It has been a success so far as most customers see the benefits and make the switch to more sustainable products.

Sustainability Culture at Enviro Digital Printing:

Everyone at Enviro Digital, including high-school co-op students, are educated about sustainable printing solutions, which certainly creates a work environment based around those principles.

Sustainability Goals:

  1. Enviro Digital hopes to continue educating the public about sustainable printing solutions while also doing its best to achieve greater sustainability in the business itself.


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