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Energy+ Inc., a local distribution company, delivers electricity to approximately 62,500 customers in the City of Cambridge, Township of North Dumfries, and within the County of Brant. The electricity is delivered through their local distribution of grid poles, wires and underground systems to meet the needs of their communities. The company also provides water/wastewater billing and collection services to customers in the County of Brant on behalf of the County of Brant.  The utility’s mission is to deliver ideas, solutions and value-added services that benefit their customers, stakeholders and communities.

Business Type: Utilities

Reduction Commitment:

Observing Organization in Milestone 2


Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects

Sustainability Culture

The Green Team is filled with representatives from all areas of the company (IT, mechanical, conservation, communications and engineering) and is supported by upper management with the President & CEO onboard.


Sustainability Goals:

  1. Install EV charging stations
  2. Implement a lighting retrofit project
  3. Develop employee engagement through contests (i.e. commuter challenge)
  4. Replacement of space heaters
  5. Implement vehicle fleet tracking system as a way to reduce idling time


Green Policies

Waste: Policies related to the disposal of hydro poles, transformers, and wires are now formally in place. Employees are also required to recycle all terminated computer components.

Procurement: CND Hydro has procurement policies focused on sustainability. These include: environment requirements that emphasis energy consumption and operational efficiency when comparing vendors. These policies were used during the IT Services Data Center Refresh Project, noted above.

Transportation: CND Hydro has installed new bike racks for its employees, promotes staff to telecommute and supports employees sharing rides.



CND Hydro participated in the ClimateAction Community Forums that helped shape the ClimateAction Plan.


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