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The City of Waterloo is located in the heart of Canada’s Technology Triangle, in the Region of Waterloo. Waterloo is a dynamic urban municipality in southwestern Ontario with a strong cultural and economic base. Renowned post-secondary institutions, global think tanks and major employers that call Waterloo home.

Business Type: Government - Municipal

Reduction Commitment:

22% GHG reduction commitment from 2011 (intensity)


Emissions:  The City of Waterloo began tracking their GHG emissions in 2011. The graph below displays their emissions data thus far.

Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects

Sustainability Culture:

The City has a voluntary staff-led team which meets once a month that includes Senior Management representation and support. Recently an internal Energy Management Committee was created to provide direction and strategic objectives on energy, air and waste. The members of the Energy Management Committee are committed to conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Sustainability Goals:

The City of Waterloo’s sustainability goals are outlined in the Environmental Strategy. Some these goals include:

  1. Efficiently use energy and resources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste
  2. Reduce emissions as well as fuel, oil and water consumption of fleet vehicles and equipment
  3. Increase corporate reliance on renewable energy
  4. Monitor and support reduction of emissions related to employee travel and operations

Please click here for more information on the City’s goals

The City’s sustainability objectives are included in their Corporate Strategic Plan and Corporate Energy/GHG Action Plan. Through a restructuring initiative called ‘Forward 2013’ the organization has restructured itself to better integrate sustainability into their corporate structure. For instance they have created an Environmental Steward position in the Office of the CAO, combined the Fleet department into the Asset Management Division (thus now called Facilities & Fleet) and integrated the Environment and Parks Division into Community Services; thus directly supporting community quality of life.

“Networking and information sharing is promoting innovation. By building capacity we can work together in new ways in rapidly emerging area such as Climate Adaptation.”


Sustainability Policies:

Please click the links below for more information on the City’s detailed policies:

Business Travel 

Building Materials &Design

Equipment & Procurement


Sustainability Action Plan



Willis Award for Innovations (2014): The City received this national recognition from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) for its innovation and administrative excellence regarding its eco-drive initiative – a part of the City’s fleet greening efforts.

Additional Information and Pictures

image007RIM Park GreenLab Solar Installation


Environmental Reserve Community Planting Project


Tree Planting

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