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Borealis Grille & Bar is a restaurant that serves the very best of locally crafted foods and beverages.  We bring the highest quality of fresh products from Ontario farmers breweries and wineries to our guests, providing “The Taste of Ontario”. Borealis is also one of Canada’s few restaurant b-corps and is a true leader for sustainability in the community.

Business Type: Accommodation & Food Services

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Observing Organization in Milestone 3


Notable Sustainability Projects

Sustainability Culture

Borealis’ Green Team members are said to be the most forward thinking group in the company. Staff try to operate as sustainable as possible, making the right choices on how buy products. Borealis is unique in that they purchase only what they believe in, their motto is: “buycott instead of boycott”.

Energy is difficult to control, but we can control WHERE we buy.

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Sustainability Goals

  • To work in an environmentally sustainable manner with a focus and dedication to continually reducing their “carbon footprint”. Borealis’ goal is simple: to be the food service industry leader in sustainability through becoming Carbon Neutral.
  • Discover the impact of buying local food and how this can reduce waste.



Sustainability Award (2017): Recipient of the Environment & Sustainability Award from the KW Chamber of Commerce.

Green Leadership Award (2013): Borealis received the Green Leadership Award for Canada from the Foodservice & Hospitality Magazine (the largest restaurant magazine in Canada).


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