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AET Group is an environmental consultancy firm committed to collaboratively working with partners to find innovative solutions that make a difference both locally and globally.

Business Type: Environmental Services

Reduction Commitment:

40% GHG reduction commitment from 2011 (intensity)
90% waste reduction commitment from 2013 (absolute)
30% water footprint reduction commitment from 2015 (absolute)


Emissions: AET began tracking their GHG emissions in 2011. In 2016 they began to track their waste diversion  and water reduction. The graph below displays their progress data thus far.

Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects

Sustainability Culture

Members of AET’s Green Team have a passion for the environment, and they lead by example practicing what they preach in their daily lives. The staff at AET are idea generators and have been responsible for implementing several of the notable innovative ideas listed above.

“What works is having formalized action plans, targets, timelines and deliverables. Dedicating time and resources to sustainability plans and actions is critical.

Sustainability Goals

Short Term:

  1. Complete a lighting retrofit to switch from fluorescent to LED
  2. Complete a major renovation for a LEED certified addition to their office building
  3. Install an array of solar panels on their office building

Long Term:

  1. Becoming carbon neutral/positive
  2. Promoting conservation, sustainability and improvement of the environment
  3. Minimize the environmental impact of AET by creating more value than consumed, being innovative, adapting to change and creating a symbiotic relationship between human activity and nature.

Green Policies

AET Group is working toward implementing a sustainable transportation program for its employees, decreasing their paper use and adding a sustainable element to their procurement policies. Moving forward this will help AET achieve its goal of a 40% reduction commitment by 2021.


Sustainability Award Nomination (2018): Nominated for the Environment and Sustainability Business Excellence Award from the KW Chamber of Commerce.

PROFIT 500 (2017) : AET Group was recognized on the 2017 PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies


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