Eat. Network. Sleep. Repeat.

“It’s more about who you know than what you know” “Networking is so important for your career” “You should start building connections NOW” Networking. Connections. Networking. Business. Networking. A few months ago I started volunteering with Sustainable Waterloo Region as their Public Relations Manager. Every week we have team meetings where we discuss different business […]

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ClimateActionWR #CreatingAction Event a.k.a. “A Family Reunion”!

SWR has been very deliberate at doing our part to develop our local sustainability network. This is why Lisa Chapman (pictured right) is so valuable to us. She logs long hours to host up to 20 events a year. And this is also why we love our all-star volunteers on our marketing team. At SWR, we believe that […]

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The value of peer driven learning

The room a buzz with networking, Sustainable Waterloo Region kicked off our 2014-2015 Regional Carbon Initiative event season on a high note last Thursday with a focus on network connections and organizational green teams. While it is the same Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI) we have grown to know and love, members can expect some notable changes […]

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The Waterloo Region Ripple Effect

On April 18, 400 people gathered at the Waterloo Inn to discuss sustainability and learn from leaders in the community and each other about what this looks like in practice. It was an opportunity to share, learn, and communicate the importance of sustainability right at home in Waterloo Region where we can tangibly see the […]

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An Evening to Remember: Celebrating Sustainability

I moved to Waterloo Region in the fall of 2010, at the beginning of my undergraduate studies in Environment and Business at UW.In my lectures, I read various case studies about environmental change within organizations and conceptualized the idea of a sustainable future. As alluring as my readings and lecture speakings were, they seldom left […]