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Building on Innovation – The Future of Sustainable Buildings is Already Here

On November 20th 2015, Sustainable Waterloo Region held one of its many speaking events titled “Building on Innovation.” Held at the Tannery Event Centre in the evening hours, the events team created a space where socialising and networking would be encouraged over some drinks and snacks before a bursting agenda of speakers. Our Executive Director, […]

A Delicate Balance

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A few weeks ago I was on the phone with an SWR team member, and we were just ending a somewhat emotional conversation. Before we hung up, this team member reminded me, provocatively and with exasperation: “Mike, you need to let me and my team make mistakes, so that we can learn from them ourselves.” […]

A Glimmer of Hope in Rio

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Watching the Rio+20 proceedings on Sustainable Development this past June, I couldn’t help but feel a little disillusioned with the stagnation and harmful rhetoric thatcame from the halls of Brazil. It’s the same disillusionment I felt when I decided to pursue a Masters in International Environmental Policy after my undergraduate degree in Business seemingly produced […]

We’re Not So Different, You and I

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As a social enterprise operating in the tech hub of the Tannery District in downtown Kitchener, it’s easy to see how much our not-for-profit culture clashes with the for-profit business world around us. On the surface, for-profit entrepreneurs build businesses with the ultimate purpose of making money, while social entrepreneurs build their enterprise to impact […]

Scaling Up: Researching Province-Wide Collaboration

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Sustainable Waterloo Region, with the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, has recently launched research into the possibility of scaling up the work of SWR to regions and communities across Ontario. In the past we have informally coached communities in Niagara (the Niagara Sustainability Initiative) and Hamilton (Sustainable Hamilton), however we have yet to establish […]