Farm Mutual Re

Bronze Pledging Partner

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Reduction commitment: 20% reduction commitment from 2008/2009 (absolute)

Business Type: Financial and Insurance

Farm Mutual Re Canada’s first completely Canadian-owned reinsurance company. Located in Cambridge, Ontario, it formed in 1959 by Mutual Insurance Companies from across Ontario, who provide their Members with Farm, Personal and Commercial insurance products.

Involvement in Farm Mutual Re provides Members with increased capacity and allows these insurers to respond to the needs and demands of their policyholders with innovative products and services in a very cost-effective manner. In addition, group representation on government and industry organizations provides Members with a unified and powerful voice on issues affecting them. As a fully licensed reinsurer in Canada accredited by both provincial and federal government regulators, Farm Mututal Re can meet all of the reinsurance needs of its Member Companies.

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Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects:


Community Involvement: Farm Mutual Re holds community engagement as a high priority and continues to contribute towards its betterment. They volunteered to support a local food bank by donating vegetables grown in their on-site garden. They also have volunteers who pick fruit to be donated as well. Farm Mutual Re also organised two large clothing drives for the year.

Waste Diversion: Farm Mutual Re collects used glasses, batteries and electronics and disposes them at appropriate collection sites.


Garden: Created a 400 sqr-ft garden that is maintained by a variety of volunteers. The food grown from the garden is donated to the Food Bank and a garden calendar was established and maintained to ensure proper maintenance of the garden. In total Farm Mutual Re donated 2000 lbs of fruits and vegetables.

Clothing Drives: Spring and fall clothing drives were held to gather warm clothes for the winter. Project grew into collecting all season clothing and is now ongoing, allowing staff to donate clothing all year round. In total, 500 lbs of clothes were donated.

Volunteer Planting: In conjunction with the local conservation authority, members of the green team and other staff assisted in the refurbishing and planting of a protected area.


Composting: Compost bins were installed to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill and can provide fresh soil for their office garden.

Indoor lighting reduction: Cleaners have adjusted their work schedule. Tasks are completed earlier in the day reducing the amount of time that the lights need to be on in the evening.

Office Improvements: Farm Mutual Re successfully incorporated grey water, heating, and green roofs into their newly designed LEED gold certified office.


Emissions: Farm Mutual Re began tracking their emissions in 2009. The graph below displays their emissions data thus far.

Sustainability Culture:

Farm Mutual Re is committed to implementing “green” initiatives that assist in reducing their ecological footprint. They take pride in being environmentally responsible and consider the impact on the environment in all of their decisions. Their goal is to become a leader in environmental stewardship for the community and the insurance industry, demonstrated through the implementation of initiatives that enable them to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout their building. In 2013, Farm Mutual Re’s Green Team spent a great deal of time in their community garden donating beans, beets, tomatoes, squash and zucchini to the Cambridge Food Bank.


Sustainability-Related Successes/Recognition: 

Waterloo Region Healthy Workplace Award (2016): Farm Mutual Re was recognized as a Platinum status workplace by the Region.

LEED Gold Level Accreditation (2012): Farm Mutual Re’s building was awarded a gold level LEED accreditation.