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Reduction commitment: 20% reduction commitment from 2008/2009 (absolute)

Business Type: Finance

EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. They aim to have a positive impact on businesses and markets, as well as on society as a whole.

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Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects:


Workplace Reconfiguration: converted work areas to include additional hoteling work stations and shared offices to maximize space until EY moves to their new “Workplace of the Future” location

Paperless Office: Certain documents and tax returns are saved as PDFs, allowing EY to send documents in electronic form and maintain electronic files. Additionally, copiers have been replaced and now require card access, decreasing the availability and amount of printing.


Sustainability Contest: Held a contest to generate ideas from staff to be more environmentally efficient. Staff came up with ideas to unplug cords (Phantom Power) and turn off external monitors when they aren’t in use.


Building Upgrades: Renovated office space to include T-8 lighting, low-flush toilets, improved HVAC, window film and sensor lighting.

Carpool: Increased carpool allowance for staff from 0. 54 to 0.52 cents/km


‘Hotelling’: Reducing real estate footprint by using a booking feature that allows staff the ability to reserve workspace as needed, shared workspaces are booked on a daily basis.


Office Upgrades: Installed light sensors in offices, so lights turn off when not in use. Also fitted window film on 2 sides on the second floor, this is an extremely cost-effective method to reduce heating and cooling costs.


Emissions: EY began tracking their emissions in 2009. The graphs below displays their emissions thus far.

“Sustainability is much broader than carbon reduction. As we focus on building a better working world it’s important to have a holistic view to balance environmental sustainability with business impact on a firm-wide basis.”


Sustainability Culture:

EY has an EcoCare team of volunteers who participate in activities like tree planting and office recycling drives, and help raise awareness about environmental responsibility. Employees are engaged through a sustainability challenge, EY Connect Day and additional communications through a weekly office newsletter.

Sustainability Goals:

  1. Reduce travel, paper and energy consumption across office buildings.
  2. Increase recycling participation.


Green Policies:

Workplace of the Future (Global): This is an organization wide open concept work environment that promotes mentoring, collaboration and inclusiveness with a greater investment in technology. This new environment aims to create a smaller carbon footprint for EY, with the hotelling function being expanded to all EY personnel at all levels (from staff to partners).

Reduction Commitment Details:

GHGs/employee: 0.69 t. CO2e

GHGs/ft2: 3.46 kg CO2e


Emissions: EY began tracking their GHG emissions in 2008. The graph below displays their emissions data thus far.

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Additional Information and Pictures

EY’s Kitchener employees participated in Habitat for Humanity as part of their firm’s EY Connect Day, which is structured to maximize their team and volunteerism in the community.



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