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Reduction commitment: Observing Organization in Milestone 3

Business Type: Financial & Insurance

Founded in 1871, Economical Insurance® is one of the largest property and casualty insurance companies in Canada, providing security and support for customers and broker partners from coast to coast. Economical offers a wide range of personal, commercial, farm and surety products. Economical has developed innovative products that meet the demands of busy lifestyles and all of their products are supported by a solid history, financial stability and fast, efficient service on every claim.

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Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects:


Energy Savings: An automated air handler was installed, creating an estimated savings of 337,724 kWh annually. The lighting in the parking lots were also upgraded to LED, producing an estimated savings of 29,897 kWh annually.

Waste Diversion: Economical Insurance continues to divert waste at a successful rate of 80%, and has actively worked with their cafeteria to reduce the amount of food waste being produced. While creating a new office layout, old furniture was removed in a sustainable manner through recycling (69880 lbs), donations (2800 lbs), reuse (500 lbs), and reselling (3200 lbs).


Energy Audit: Completed an Energy Audit for their Westmount location. The audit ended up reducing the buildings yearly output by 369 tonnes of CO2 along with less than a 6-month return on investment for the cost of the audit.

Executive Steering Committee: Established an executive steering committee for and introduced a mandate for their organization’s green team.

Past Projects 

  • Partnership with their fleet vehicle company
  • Paper recycling initiatives
  • Green team: This will be part of their sustainability strategy that will be developed in 2013.

Sustainability Goals:

  1. In 2013, Economical Insurance will develop a sustainability strategy that will include sustainability initiatives and practices that are realistic and measurable

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