Services Available to Employees

TravelWise provides a number of services to help make sustainable commuting possible. Employees of member organizations gain access to an emergency ride home service, discounted transit passes, and online trip planning and carpool matching software. Employees are also encouraged to take part in events that are promoted through TravelWise, providing them with resources and incentives to try something new!

Emergency Ride Home

Employees who commute sustainably have access to an Emergency Ride Home program to reimburse costs if they need to make alternative travel arrangements. To see terms and conditions or submit a claim, download the Emergency Ride Home Form.

Discounted Transit Pass

Employees of TravelWise member organizations receive a 15% discount on their monthly transit passes! To view pricing or to purchase a pass, visit Grand River Transit’s TravelWise Corporate Pass page.

GoTravelWise is a useful tool for trip planning and finding carpool matches in Waterloo Region. It also has a number of features that allow users to take part in online contests and challenges. Each member organization has its own private network on GoTravelWise. If you’re interested in signing up on your organization’s private network, make sure to contact your TravelWise workplace champion, or contact TravelWise directly at