A year ago we set out to identify what makes SWR unique. What value was SWR providing the community? How did we define our culture? And how could we further enable local organizations to achieve their environmental sustainability goals? We looked at the successes of the Regional Carbon Initiative, ClimateActionWR, and TravelWise, and the growing interest in Sustainability CoLab. Through conversations with a range of individuals we gained new insights and incorporated feedback into a clear definition of SWR and the organization’s potential.

The result is a new strategic plan that will act as our compass for scaling SWR’s impact over the next 3-5 years. With this plan, we will focus on fostering collaborations that enable organizations to convert their sustainability interest into action. To do this, we will build networks, set a common direction for results, and publicly report on progress. Now as we begin using this compass, we’re exploring program development opportunities that align with our strengths as we work to maximize the individual and collective successes of organizations across Waterloo Region.

Find out more about SWR and how we’re scaling our impact:

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You can also learn more about the work we are doing on the About Us page.