Policy Engagement |

In 2010, Sustainable Waterloo Region’s initial position to avoid expressing a viewpoint on policy related issues came under review when we realized it was resulting in missed opportunities to support our mission. In light of recently failed federal climate change regulations and a pending local decision on the expansion of our public transit infrastructure, our policy engagement efforts were sparked.

Through the collective passion of our team and with the backing of our Board, SWR developed a non-partisan approach to policy engagement that helps to further our mission. By leveraging our unique insights and data from existing SWR programs, successful efforts have included our recommendation for Region-wide light rail transit and a report on Ontario’s energy policy, published in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation and reviewed by an expert panel in lead-up to the 2011 Ontario election.

Sustainable Waterloo Region’s policy engagement efforts receive guidance from our Policy Advisory Committee. You can view the members of our Policy Advisory Committee here.

The goal of our policy engagement efforts is to increase the ability of local organizations to advance the environmental sustainability of their operations. We collaborate with business, political, and community leaders; provide unique research data; and work to have policy changes implemented that improve organizational sustainability in Waterloo Region.

For more information on our policy engagement efforts, contact:

Sean Campbell, Policy Engagement Manager