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GHG Reduction




Develop a formal Work from Home policy to help maintain the positive impact we've seen due to reduced commuting with employees working from home during COVID-19.


Develop a more ambitious corporate sustainability goal or Corporate Social Responsibility program.


Install EV charging stations at our office as a tenant of a larger facility.

Sustainability Projects


Selected as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers of 2023, by Mediacorp Canada Inc. This annual awards program recognizes employers nationwide in multiple categories. Employers are evaluated on their unique environmental initiatives, programs to reduce the organization’s environmental footprint, employee involvement in these programs, and the extent that these initiatives are linked to the employer’s public identity.


Got technical by using their in-house commuter tracker to share detailed graphs with their staff, showing positive impacts of reduced commuting this year. This data helped them develop recommendations for a Work from Home policy, which will allow their firm to maintain this positive impact, even after pandemic times.


Employee Engagement: Participated in Carbon Cleanse and held Litterless Lunch Week with prizes to encourage engagement. We also held a garbage pick up on Earth Day and held a potluck for participants.

Participated in Carpool Month through TravelWise and held competition between departments to encourage sustainable commuting and engagement throughout the month.


Gas & Water Sub-Metering Installation: Installed in order to track the effectiveness of energy-saving projects. The installation had a total cost of $10,000.

Energy Audit: Conducted an energy audit to find areas where more energy can be conserved.


Sub-metering for Water and Natural Gas: Meters will allow WalterFredy to track energy usage giving them the power reduce future GHG emissions.

Commuter Tracking Tool: Developed a commuter tracking app that requires staff members to submit their commuting information for the week every Friday afternoon. On the app each individual sets their one-way commute distance then selects their means of transportation for each day. If an employee has not submitted their information the app will pop up every time they log in to their computer.


Rain Garden & Permeable Pavers Installation: Working with REEP Green Solutions WalterFedy installed a rain garden near the parking lot and two permeable paver parking spots, these will work to take pressure off the storm water system.

Appliance Timers: Connected programmable timers to kitchen appliances so they will be shut off at night and on weekends. Prior to using the timers the appliances would remain on during unoccupied hours and waste energy.


Building Design: WalterFedy repurposed a former warehouse to become their current commercial office. Due to the sustainable design of their office WalterFedy uses less energy and water than a standard building of that size. The office uses 34% less energy, based on cost, and 35% less water, based on volume. This translates into annual energy cost savings of $9,866, and water saving of 415,545 Litres. Learn more about the design by clicking here.

TravelWise: Joined TravelWise with various employees participating.

Waste Diversion: Implemented an organic waste program. WalterFedy tracked its waste amounts for 1 month and over 90% of it has been diverted from the landfill either through recycling or composting.

Purchasing Policy: Developed a purchasing policy that requires office purchases to meet minimum sustainability criteria.